Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are Back from THE EMMYS!

Whew...we are back from the Emmys. Physically a bit tired, but emotionally charged! We felt honored to be among the many fine companies that were chosen for the 31st Annual News & Emmy Awards. We started at 6am loading all of the boxes to send over to Lincoln Center. And then we were off to assemble 700 bags. These are just a few pictured above. So we assembled until about 2:30 or so and then it was time to get ready for the Pre-Emmy Cocktail Party. It was there that were able to take it all in. What a fabulous opportunity this little ole soap company was presented! We did indeed get to see the Emmy Awards Ceremony and that too was a wonderful experience. After the show it was back to work where we handed out Emmy Bags to folks like Katie Couric, Jim Leherer & many fine documentary folks among the Newscasters we are all accustomed to seeing each night on the ole boob tube.
It was a long fun filled day with lots of laughs, new friends were made and lots of stories I like to say I will save for the nursing home!
Don't still have time to put your name in for the free $150 gift basket if you come in to buy something in our retail store. Winner will be announce on Monday October 4th!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pre-Order Your VERY OWN Emmy Box!

We are finally catching our breathe and want you to join in on the excitement. So before I head off to NYC for the 31st Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards, I am going to dig deep and crank out some more Emmy Boxes for you guys! We will discount these to $10/box. Included in the box will be a travel size wash, 4oz sugar scrub & lip balm. These are not only the perfect way to join in on the excitement, but also a perfect little box to stash away for last minute gifts. The goods will be wrapped up in the box shown above. Pre-orders have begun and will be ready by Friday!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whew...they are in route!

And...break! We did it!!!! Over 2000 samples were stirred, poured & labeled to send off to the 31st News Emmy Awards! This lil gem pictured above is getting EMPLOYEE of the YEAR because she was able to crank out 700 sugar scrubs!
We had tons of love and support within the past 48 hours and I really can't believe how stress free the whole process was in the end! Really...we are totally a day ahead of schedule. But I am going to say, we could NOT have done any of this without the crew that showed up at the shop! Not enough words to say how THANKFUL we are for the tribe we have by our side. So excited to help out with the Pre-Emmy events on Monday. I leave for NYC on Friday and hope to have lots of stories to tell!

Till then...please go and get dirty so you can get some soap! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

2800 Samples to the Emmys! is a bit past 8:30 (Can you tell we have been hangin with our Scottish Friends all day?). Miss Eva reported for "friend duty" at 9am or so and was a HUGE help! The rest of the Bishop Clan followed soon after and we were able to crank out 700 body washes and close to 700 Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs for the "Wee Emmys"! (LOL) We cranked the music, fed the kids a bucket of chicken and were soon met by Chris and Sherryl who were on "Lip Balm Patrol"! They got right to work and have cranked out over 600 lip balms in over 2 days. We are so thankful for the continued support, the drop ins who give us a good cheer & the high fives from everybody that love us! So many local business owners realize the amount of work that has to be done in order to arrive at the Emmys. Cody, from In Touch 254 & Craig from Highland Painters are among the local biz folks who realize you are only as good as your good ole fashion hard work. Just when we were getting so stinkin tired...they showed up with tons of energy and support. We will forever be grateful for everyones friendship and love. We are going to go put the kids to bed and call it a day. Started at 8am this morning and will go strong through tomorrow!
Till then...
~Dirty D!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We are Going to the EMMYS!!!!

Dear Loyal Hazelwood Soap Co Fans,

We are so excited because we were contacted yesterday by the folks who are in charge of getting those sassy Swag Bags ready for the Emmy Awards. They have chosen OUR PRODUCTS (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) to be part of the 31st Annual News Emmys held on September 27 in NYC! So we will be getting 2800 samples ready to ship off this Tuesday to the Big Apple. These little puppies will be given out to 700 distinguished guests including Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, etc.

We promise to make you all proud! I mean REALLY proud. I will head off to NYC on Friday and help out with the bags, etc on Monday before the big event! Can you HEAR the crazy excitement in this lil ole soap shop!

We will be having a "Going to the EMMYS" Sale soon. This is going to cost us a bit to put out these samples, but this is where your continued support means the world to us. If you are thinking about purchasing a future gift, throwing the idea around of surprising your friends with a special treat, or you just think its time you got something for yourself...THIS IS THE WEEK TO DO IT! Am I begging...maybe just a bit, but we are going to the Emmys despite budget! :) Its the Emmys for craps sake!

Basically, we are all going to the Emmys. I will just be the physical being there. I will keep you all posted on the details and possible photos that may come about. Now off to make 2800 samples! (oh we only needed 700 but who can choose just one to give to Barbara Walters right?)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monthly Specials

Whew...its like Baskin Robbins in here sometimes with all the flavors we carry. So, for the Soap Makers Sanity, we have decided to narrow down our actual stocked scents and then put some of your favs on special each month. What does this mean you ask...well, when you scent is up at bat, get em while they are in stock. We will put the monthly scent on sale. For example Bergamot Coriander Exfoliating Wash and 8oz Shea Butter Lotion are now $14 or 2 for $25 (normally $16 each) and the 16oz lotion is $22 (normally $28). However, when the month is up so is the scent. If we have some will know because those puppies will be discounted even more! So stay tuned...
Now go get dirty!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Grab a Couple for Travel, Guests etc...

Here is another peek at our latest and greatest! Thousands of boxes arrived and we are excited to spread the soap love around the world with our latest box duo. Great for travel & guests. We are now offering our Tame Face Bar in a 2oz package and our very popular Mother Load Exfoliating Body Bar in a 4oz box for convenience! Part of our exclusive hotel line!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneak Peek@the Upcoming Holiday Specials!

Okie Dokie. This is the deal that most wait for all year long. It has arrived! For those of you that have just stumbled upon HSCo, let me get you up to speed. We offer our products once a year at a discounted price if you order a case of the product. There are only 12/case and you can choose up to 3 scents per case. This is a wonderful way for you to stock up on products for the holidays, birthdays, hostess gifts and what nots. This year we will be offering a bigger discount on our products. It will go like this:

8oz Soy Wax Candles (shown in picture) : 12/case (macintosh apple, bayberry, pomegranate sage, violet lime, blossom, balsam) $144/case (save $48)

8oz Shea Butter Lotions (with pump): 12/case (bloom, bounce, chill, pure, bamboo) visit website for scent descriptions $144/case (save $48)

16oz Shea Butter Lotions (with pump): 12/case (melange lavande, clean, lemongrass sage, almond, honey oatmeal) $250/case ($86 savings)

16oz Exfoliating Wash (with pump) good for hand, face or body: 12/case (melange lavande, clean, lemongrass sage, almond, honey oatmeal, pomegranate mint, peppermint eucalyptus) $144/case (save $48)

16oz Sugar Scrub (*new this year): 12/case (bounce, bloom, sweet thang, honey oatmeal) $240 ($48 savings) ...these have been the HOTTEST seller all year long!

Look for your order form to arrive shortly via email. If you order by September 30 there will be free shipping! Again, the very best deals we offer for the year!

It was a Night to Celebrate with Good Friends & Loyal Fans!

We have finally made the switch over at the Ole Soap Shop and what better way to "Christen" our new look than with friends and loyal fans! HSCo has a new look, but same great stuff inside the jars & bottles. We had a great night chatting about everyone's favorite scents throughout the years, toasting to our friends and customers who have stuck by us and admiring the one and only Highland Painter's Fab Paint job throughout the shop. How lucky we are to have such a support team. Stay tuned for the next step which is the launch of our new website and Holiday Specials! Till then...