Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whew...we have been working hard!

We can't believe it is the middle of October already!!! What?!? We continue to work hard and keep this shop stocked full of goodies! Our Holiday Case Specials will continue up until our Open House weekend which is Thanksgiving Weekend. Check out our previous blogs that mention what the case specials are and feel free to call in your order 828.456.3385 or fax us your order 828.452.5839.
We would be happy to be part of your holiday gift giving!
Till next time...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fresh Batch of Sugar Scrub

Just to keep you in the loop...these lil gems have been our #1 selling product this year. Best thing about these sugar scrubs is that they got their fame all by "word of mouth"! They truly are one of the best things in the shop. Its multi-tasking at its finest! Simply go into the shower, rinse, scrub & rinse again. Once you step out of the shower, pat dry and you will notice tiny beads of jojoba oil (say that 10 times fast) on your bod...simply rub in and wa-la...no moisturizer needed. Soft and elegant all day long! Great for feet as well! I recommend this product from neck down! A bit too oily for the face, but if you are so inclined...go for it!

A fresh batch of Honey Oatmeal Sugar Scrub is shown above! YUM!

Monday, October 4, 2010

October Special Scent...Pomegranate Mint

Okay all of you Pomegranate Mint fans! It is here! The scent you have been waiting for...Drum Roll Please! Come on in and show Little Miss Pomegranate Mint that you truly do love her. She will be here for the month of October, so come on in and have your way with her before she is sold out!
16oz lotion $22 (normally $28) 8oz lotion and 16oz wash $14 or 2 for $25

Friday, October 1, 2010

Drawing on MONDAY for a free $150 basket full of goodies!!!

In appreciation for all of those who helped send us to The Emmy Awards, we will be drawing one lucky name from our big ole soap pot. We mentioned this week that if you purchased something in our retail store, we would enter your name for a chance to win $150 worth of Hazelwood Soap Co goodies! There are lots of names, but plenty of more room for some more folks to enter. We will be drawing the name on Monday, October 4th. That means you need to go and get dirty and come on in today, Saturday or Monday for a chance to win!!!!