Thursday, January 26, 2012

Full On Family Owned Business!

Happy New Year! We are gearing up for another great year! Thanks to all who have supported us & continue to do so! We have lots of new goodies on the shelves and can't wait to see you!

Other news.... John has been able to sign on with us full time! He actually started on October 1st, but we didn't want "sympathy" buys so we didn't make it completely public! So we are officially a Full On Family Owned Business from start to finish. Even Big Bob (John's Dad) has come out of retirement to help out at the shop.

The decision to leave a "secure" job for John was not an easy one. But the quality of life for our kids, our marriage & overall health of our family unit was begging for Big Daddy! John has been an incredible asset to the business throughout the years with his Chemistry skills, overall knowledge of each product & belief in our success. It only makes sense that he is here full time.

There aren't many couples that can work together all day and still like each other, but apparently we got it! We feel really blessed to have this. We work better as a cohesive unit and know that this is the right decision for our kids and family life. Paying the bills is overrated right? Ba ha ha ha ha!

So in a day and age, where sometimes hope and encouragement seem to be lacking at times, know that there are still families working together and trying to make a good, hard go at it!

Is it scary? Yep.

Is it worth it? Yep.

Are we going to give up because its hard? Nope!

So go on and get dirty and know that when you need a gift, a good ole fashion bar of soap or just someone to chat with... we are here in little ole Hazelwood. (HazelHood to be exact!)

Family Owned Businesses not only exist, but thrive if you let them!