Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Debbie Downers" this one is NOT for you! (or is it...)

Have you ever had one of those hours, days, weeks or months when everything seems to be going wrong? You wake up and the coffee bag is empty, you're alarm clock didn't go off and if your kids have one more tardy for school DSS might be called in or how about if you finally make it out the door to only forget that TODAY is the day your boss is going to be making his rounds to make sure everyone is doing his/her job. Whatever! Or...maybe your best friend was just diagnosed with cancer or your other friend's child is dreadfully ill. Or how about you are just sick of NOT seeing the sun! If you feel the need/want to just do something, we may just have the thing/things for you! Pictured above is our little "Pick Me Up" collection. 5 invigorating scents with 5 inspirational words to get you going in the morning or after a long day! Its the little things that make a difference and maybe, just maybe a little bottle of wash labeled OPTIMISM will do the trick. This little package also makes the perfect addition to an Easter Basket. Its the treat that keeps on giving! How great are these for the lonely traveler or the homesick college kid!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sass it up with some Spring Scents!

Are those individually wrapped soaps featured above? Yep! They sure are. As if I don't have anything else to do other than wrap each soap tediously by hand. But, these little treasures have kept me from going insane! With Spring just around the corner, we were hit yet again with the dirty 4 letter word yesterday...SNOW! Yikes! I lost it. I lost it big time. But this morning is a new day with sunshine and now beautifully wrapped Shea Butter Soaps! These beauties are just the thing to get you in the mood for Spring! They are bright, cheery, smell good & look wonderful just sitting there.

So, for now...I will continue to wrap each soap until Spring begins! If you know of anyone who suffers miserably from the last dribbles of Winter...why not pop into the shop and pick up one of these soaps. It is sure to put them in a better mood!