Friday, December 31, 2010

Introducing our new addition!

Introducing our new addition! This is our restoration cream that has been a hit since Thanksgiving 2010. It all started out with a busy day in the shop. I started to make a batch of our traditional lotion. I measured out all of the ingredients, added some love & turned the blender on. Soon after, the door opened with a customer and then another and then another. I would turn the blender off in between customers, however before I knew it it was 4:30 and this batch had been blending for the entire day. What was I left with you ask? A very dense, rich cream that only some cracked nasty spots could love! So it had already been blended to the point of no return so why not add some more organic shea butter. I continued to blend (why had been going all day anyway)and then the scooping began. A thick, awesome creation was born! The first batch was given out to 50 lucky Black Friday Customers. I figured folks were going to just be happy with a freebie and that would be it. We would go back to our traditional products. No way, no how. They have been coming in since asking for the "Restoration" cream that has been working for their husbands, mothers, fathers, hands, fingers, elbows, cracked feet, etc. So here we go. Another addition to our family of products! It has now been uploaded to the website and ready to go!
Happy New Year! May you be full of dirt and grime and have nothing but time!