Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Buy Local Movement

I have decided to do an entire blog post on why I have chosen this one item to carry in our shop. For obvious reasons, its a sassy tote that gets the message across LOUD & CLEAR! On another note, not until you actually pick up the tote and look inside in the tag do you realize how significant this one tote can be in your life.
These totes are going to retail in our shop for $18. WHAT! $18 for a tote bag? In the day in age where you can get a recyclable tote just about everywhere from grocery stores to gas stations, why on God's Good Green Earth would we carry such an expensive tote bag? (and I will tell you I am not even going to be making a good profit off of these at all, well not a financial profit that is).
It all starts with a "practice what you preach" moment I had. It is January and I am searching for new products to sass up the shop and get folks excited. I come across this one company, I'm Organic and I am intrigued. I go further and start snooping around. What I find is a company that has an honest mission statement to make a difference. They are a small business trying to do the right thing. Their bags are made in the US, 100% certified organic and SWEATSHOP free! So as I am making the decision to buy these, I consciously decide that YES, we will join the movement to try and make a difference and practice what we preach. I am supporting a USA made product that has put thought, concern and most of all hard work into a product. Will I have these totes still on my shelves come December? Who knows. One thing I do know is that Small Family Owned Business are STILL ALIVE and we depend on your support! So buy local, buy USA made and do your part to keep local businesses alive! Now, go get dirty!
till next time...