Wednesday, April 13, 2011


As we continue forward with our 5th retail year, its hard not to think back on all of the many days at the good ole Soap Co.! When we remininsce over all of the memories and efforts throughout the years, it always comes down to feeling an enormous amount of thankfulness!

This week my sweet Teague was down & out. He just felt like poop! Unfortunately, the bills & life do not go away when one of my little ones gets sick. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to have my rugrats by my side and even luckier to give them all the TLC they need while mixing and pouring away. We live in a town that not only respects our way of doing things, but actually cheers us on. My Teagan has grown up in this little soap shop. He has learned how to crawl, walk and now take orders from customers! :) He has been the taste tester (yikes), the label guy, the sweeper and my right hand man Monday-Friday at the soap shop. He IS, along with our other 3 children, what our shop is all about!

When we started out on this venture, we did not know what to expect. What we have gotten in return these past 5 years is a whole lot of support, love, loyalty & community. We certainly have had our fair share of stories to tell, but not without laughing! So we may not be millionaires, but we work hard, love our kids like crazy and appreciate what a community does and is for our family.

I will always cherish this picture (above) because it will keep me grounded on days where things feel overwhelming. On a tough week when my main man was down & out, I was still able to give him a big ole hug and say "its gonna be alright" because I had him right there in my lap.

Thanks to all of you that allow our family to just be a hard working family! Thanks for always getting really dirty and letting us supply you with some goods to get you all cleaned up! It is not about the money you accumulate, but about the relationships, experiences & wealth of love and support you find in others. We are wealthy beyond belief!
Happy Spring!!!
~The Laursen Clan


  1. Lovely! You have awesome kids!!

  2. awwww....teag!! great post! give that little man a hug from his aunt chickie!